QigongWhat is Qigong?

Qigong, through the ability to understand universal and individual energy movement, sustain health, and promote longevity, is the foundation of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture was originally pure qi transmission rather than needle insertion.

Qigong is a series of flowing movements, gentle stretches and strengthening postures to regulate breath, body and mind. It moves vital energy providing strength, relaxation, and vitality to regulate physical body functions, enhance mental clarity, and brighten the spirit. Know as the elixir of life, qigong circulates energy to avoid stagnation, cause for disease.

This energy (qi) work (gong) helps to maintain health and happiness by cultivating the mind, manifesting integrity, empowering will and strengthening intention. The Intention behind thought is the master of energy. Energy is the master of blood. Blood carries qi.

Qigong promotes inner strength, the true vigor. It helps to find and enhance the virtue and character of oneself. In Chinese theory, to build only physical strength is to create a “paper tiger’. Such a tiger looks strong on the outside, but due to no internal cultivation, the tiger is actually weak, like paper.

In qigong everything is qi (energy) and qi transmission. Words people say, how we feel when in contact with another, the step that propels us forward or the fear that holds us back, are all energetic exchanges and we will some how respond to that energy. The principles of qigong help us skillfully guide the energies that come at us in daily life.

The gentle nature of Qigong makes it safe and accessible for everyone.

Qigong Classes

Acupuncture Center Decorah is offering Qigong classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15 to 9:00 a.m., and Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Qigong classes are held in the Back Studio at the Acupuncture Center, corner of Broadway and River Street.

Sign up for 8 sessions for $90 or drop in for $12 per session. Come
15 minutes early to the first session to sign up.

Classes are relaxed and friendly. No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome.

For further information call 563-382- 9309, or email