The Fire Dragon – A True Introduction

Fire Dragon True Introduction
Enter through the clinic of the Acupuncture Center at 309 West Broadway Street. This six-week class will introduce fundamentals of ancient Chinese alchemical practice and delve into the transformative energy of the Dragon.

No prior experience is necessary, although it is recommended that students experience at least one Saturday “Glimpse of the Fire Dragon” class.

Cost: $100. A firm commitment from 4 students is needed to hold class.
Participants may add a voluntary contribution towards class scholarships for others in the community.

Wear comfortable layers of clothing.

About the instructor: Dr. Joanne Wu was first introduced to Qigong in 1988 and has practiced in this Qigong tradition since 2001. Besides Qigong, her practices include martial arts and Chinese & Naturopathic Medicine.

What is Qigong? And how do you say it?

Qigong is pronounced “chee-gung”. Qigong is a series of flowing movements, gentle stretches and strengthening postures that modulate the body, breath, and mind. These have been used in China for over two thousand years to prolong and enhance the Life Force. Regular practice of Qigong can help to:

build muscle tone & stamina, and increase range of motion;
improve balance and coordination;
enhance focus, concentration, and memory.

Qigong connects us with and helps us to move our own vital energies. It provides strength, relaxation, and vigor to regulate physical function and wellness, enhance mental clarity, and brighten the spirit.

How can I learn more?

The best way to learn about Qigong is to experience it. Perhaps you’ve already had a glimpse of “feeling the Qi” with our Saturday morning classes. Whether you’re experienced or not, we invite you to a six-week introduction to the true nature of the Fire Dragon.

This class will assist in connecting with your own internal Life Force, or Qi.

Any more details?

Wednesdays, May 9th thru June 20th
5:30 – 6:30pm

Class will run for six consecutive weeks.

Acupuncture Center Decorah, 309 West Broadway Street
During cooler weather please come in the clinic entrance
Ample street parking is available

Cost: $100. Contributions towards class scholarships for other community members are gratefully and gladly accepted.

Sign up or ask questions by contacting us at:
563-382-9309 or