The Center Affiliates


Acupuncture Center Decorah also provides space for local holistic practitioners and artists to expand the reach of their art and bring people together for healing and connecting classes and events.

Decorah Zen Center invites community members to practice meditation M-F at 6:30 am and Wed evenings at 7:00 pm. | Website
Decorah Zen Center, a non-profit project of Ryumonji Zen Monastery, offers a regular schedule of meditation periods for the lay practitioners in the Decorah area. We provide instruction in zazen, or seated meditation practice, in the Soto Zen tradition. DZC offers classes and workshops designed to give lay practitioners the opportunity to explore and study the history and practice of Buddhism. We also seek to support a community of practitioners by providing a variety classes and events focused on forms of mindfulness and contemplative practices in response to the needs of everyday living. All DZC events are free and open to the public.

Tabita Green is a certified health coach and teaches a variety of classes on time management and wellness.
563.387.7663 | | Website | Facebook

Molly Lesmeister offers yoga classes in the Iyengar method of yoga. Contact Molly to register for upcoming classes.
319.270.4592 | molly@decorahyogaroom.comWebsite | Facebook
The intimate and cozy setting of the Yoga Room offers classes for all stages and levels of yoga, from beginner to experienced. Molly Lesmeister practices and teaches in the Iyengar tradition which focuses on proper alignment and use of props to allow students to get the full benefits of each pose. Yoga creates a sense of awareness, mental clarity, and restoration for the body and the mind.  Students of the Yoga Room experience a one and a half hour class that combines standing poses, seated poses, inversions, and restorative poses.


Terri Mozzone, Reiki Master

563.382.9309 |                                                                              As the provider of Reiki at Acupuncture Center Decorah, Terri works with clients to reduce their stress & anxiety, relieve pain, and stimulate the repair of tissues to promote overall healing.  Reiki is an alternative hands-on healing technique that uses the human biomagnetic field to balance and replenish the universal life energy force (called qi or chi in China; prana in India; Reiki in Japan) of the physical body.  Sessions typically last one hour. Please call or email for additional information.:  563.382.9309 |

Jane Hawley 
563.387.1694   |

MF | Community Movement & Dance Classes
Experience a radical shift in ways of perceiving, learning, and understanding! Through the body, Movement Fundamentals community classes guide the participant in 4 Phases of moving into selfhood and dance artistry. Join us in bringing dance into everyday life and everyday life into a dance. Tuesdays, 11:30-1:30 - Acupuncture Center Decorah, Suite “C.”